New/Beginning Students

1) No student shall be denied admission to the College for reason of age, sex, nationality, physical defect/disability, religious belief or political affiliations. However in case of physical defect/disability the requirements of specific courses shall apply.

2) These screening criteria are the bases for ranking applicants in all programs:

a) Entrance Exam Result 60%
b) General Average on Report Card 30%
c) Interview 10%

3) An applicant for admission to first Year College shall present his/ her general average in third year high school upon registration and his/ her general average in the fourth year high school upon enrolment.

4)An applicant must have graduated from a recognized secondary school.

5) Every applicant for enrolment shall be admitted to the college upon presentation and submission of:

  • Report Card/F-138
  • Admission Slip
  • Medical Certificate
  • National Statistic Office
  • (NSO) Birth Certificate
  • Police Clearance
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Photocopy of Income Tax Return of Parents or
  • Certificate of Exemption from filing ITR
  • 1 pc. 2x2 colored picture
  • 1 pc. lxl colored picture
  • One long folder

6) Students must meet the following average grade requirement (GPA/GWA) upon admission:

a. An applicant in Teacher Education or Accountancy should have obtained in senior high school an average of at least 85 or its equivalent (CHED Memo No. 120-99, s. 1999)

b. An applicant in Engineering or Architecture course should have obtained of at least 80 in all subjects from the first to the fourth grading periods during his senior high school.

c. An applicant in Entrepreneurship should have obtained an aver­age of at least 83 or its equivalent,

d. An applicant in any other Technology degree course offered by the College should have grades of at least 80 in Science, THE and Mathematics, and a general average of at least 80.

e. An applicant in any ladderized course should have a general aver­age of at least 80.

7) In accepting new enrollees, in case the number of enrollees does not meet the quota/number of enrolment per campus, the Campus Administrator has the discretion to determine the most appropri­ate action.

8) A student must qualify in the College Admission and Psychologi­cal Test

9) A student must qualify in the interview.

10) Student must pledge to abide by and comply with all the rules and regulations of the College.

11) A new/beginning freshmen student can be admitted during the second semester and summer term.

12)A student must not have enrolled in any college academic subject/ s prior to his/her enrolment as a beginning freshman, otherwise he/she shall be classified as a transferee.

13) A student previously enrolled in a vocational course or one not leading to a degree program is admitted as a beginning freshman.