The Academic Calendar

The general framework of the academic calendar based on the Commission on Higher Education school calendar shall be prepared by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs in consultation with the Staff Directors, Campus Administrator and Program Dean to be forwarded to the Academic Council for deliberation, subject to the approval of the President:

Collegiate school days shall consist of not less than eighteen (18) weeks per semester, and six (6) weeks for summer excluding Christ­mas, semestral and summer breaks. The said school days shall include examination days and class days which may be suspended due to natu­ral or man-made causes. The academic year for Laboratory High School shall consist of at least 205 school Says.

Class work in the summer term shall be equivalent to class work during the regular semester.

The college shall observe significant activities in the academic cal­endar.

The Schedule of Classes

  1. The schedule of classes shall be prepared by the Program Dean in consultation with the Registrar/Campus Secretary and Campus Admin­istrator and scheduling of classes may adopt an open system or the usual block system.
  2. Classes shall not be dismissed or suspended by the Campus Ad­ministrator except in unusual or emergency cases after which a report shall be submitted to the President giving reason for such action.
  3. No faculty member shall reschedule the holding of his class for any other period than the officially scheduled time, except when per­mitted to do so by the Program Dean or Campus Administrator .

The Class Size

a. Unless otherwise authorized by the President, the class size   shall be as follows:

  1. Laboratory/Technology Subject – 15-25
  2. Academic Subject – 30-50
  3. Laboratory High School – 40-50

b. No class shall be split or fused after it has been duly opened and organized without the approval of the Academic Council.

c. Each school shall have general authority to limit its enrollment if such limitation is deemed necessary subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the Academic Council.

d. At the end of every Academic Year, the Campus Administrator shall make a report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs with rec­ommendation regarding schedule of classes, conduct of classroom in­struction and class size.