Panel of evaluator and student spectators actively engage themselves in assessing the presentation of the Architectural Drafting group.

Emy Rose Reblora

     Showcasing students’ creativity, critical understanding and analytic skills along their fields of specialization, the Technology Department, in cooperation with the Office of the Research and Development of the college, organized this year’s field study colloquium with the acronym TECH FINDS (Futuristic Innovative and Dynamic Steps to Technology) last March 9 – 10, 2017 at SSC-Pavilion.

     The Side Stand Warning Device of the Automotive Technology and Multools Gun of the Electrical Technology group emerged as the Best Feasibility Outputs. The Side Stand Warning Device is designed to warn the driver about the position of the side stand. It functions to avoid the engine to start when the driver flip down the side stand. It is built with a light indicator and alarm to inform the driver. The Multools Gun on the other hand, is a mini fan, a screw driver and a continuity tester, a drill bit and a flashlight rolled into one. It is a single product with multiple uses for stores, repair shops, and/ or households. Respective faculty members from the shop laboratories were invited as panelists during the presentation to give constructive feedback and recommendations for the improvement of the product.

     Meanwhile, student outputs which were not included in the public defense were displayed at Room 107 and 108 of the College Building. The Turmeric Ice Cream of the Food Service Management (FSM) students won the Students’ Choice Award for the exhibit.

     Mrs. Claire Dicen, one of the advisers of the student presenters along with Mr. Romeo SE. Mendoza, expressed her joy for the commendable outputs and performance of her students. “FS colloquium hopes to acknowledge the potential of our students especially those from the Technology Department,” Mrs. Dicen said.

     Moreover, Mrs. Christine Ferolino, research coordinator of the department, looks forward to the conduct of the activity yearly since apart from the showcase of students’ product and skills, it also inspired students from the lower years with quality and fresh ideas they can use for their own feasibility projects.

     The two-day event highlighted the presentation of five outputs from FSM, four from Electrical Technology, two from Welding and Fabrication, two from Electronics, two from Civil Technology, two from Architectural Drafting , three from Garments, five from Automotive, and three from Mechanical Tech.