The engineering and architecture students of Sorsogon State College- Main Campus celebrated its annual Engineering-Architecture Festival last February 2-3, 2017.

First and second year students took part in the festival dance competition. Students from Arki-2A, who performed the Pili festival, won first place; GE-2A got second place for their Sinulog festival; and GE-2B placed third for their Butanding Festival.

Benedict Bustenera, ME-3, was crowned as this year’s EASA College Seniorita. Kenneth Villanueva, ME-3, won first runner-up; Ramir Clavejo, ME-4, placed second runner-up; Jotham Camposano, CE-3, got third runner-up; and Kenneth Torion, ME-1, placed fourth runner-up.

Team 1 from Civil Engineering topped in the engineering quiz show. The group was consist of Ronald Descalsote, Jerome Esquiera, Thea Derit, Clark Vince Garcia. Arki team, on the other hand, won first place in the Amazing Race which stretched from SSC campus to Rompeolas and to Balogo Complex. Arvin Neil Bauson from ME-3, the beatboxer, emerged as champion in EASA Got Talent. While Clark Lagamayo from ME-3 also, who played the guitar, landed as first runner-up.

The Mechanical Engineering team won the championship in basketball while the Electrical Engineering team placed first runner-up.

Winners were awarded during the Gala Night.

Alvin Louie D. Diata