RATED G Congresswoman Evelyn “Nanay” Escudero (in blue) receives her certificate of appreciation for her support to MTRCB’s Matalinong Panonood Para sa Pamilya ni Juan at Juana advocacy, together with MTRCB board members Cristina Concordia, Vice Chairperson Emmanuel Borlaza, Carmen Musngi, Njel de Mesa, last July 9, 2017 at the SSC – Audio Visual Hall.  PHOTO BY R BENZON

Campaigning “Matalinong Panonood Para sa Pamilya ni Juan at Juana”, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) conducted a symposium for barangay officials, women organizations and SSCians last July 9, 2017 at the Audio – Visual Hall, Sorsogon State College.

Created under Presidential Decree No. 1986, MTRCB identified its scope of authority, and power and function, to include the supervising, regulating, and denying or cancelling of permits of all motion pictures, television programs, and publicity of materials.
Board member Teresita Villarama stressed the importance of classifying the material (television programs and films) which each family member watches. She exemplified some cartoon shows such as Tom and Jerry and how these kind of animated shows may corrupt the psychological behavior of young viewers.
Villarama also enumerated the ratings used for television programs, emphasizing Memorandum Circular No. 05-2011 which states that the pictogram advisory with an MTRCB logo shall be clearly superimposed at the right corner of the television screen throughout the entire showing of the program. These classification ratings include General Patronage (G) or shows that are suitable for all ages, wholesome and can be aired anytime; Parental Guidance (PG) for materials that are not suitable for children and requires the presence of parent or adult; and Strong Parental Guidance (SPG), for contents of more serious topic and theme, requires greater parental responsibility.
Meanwhile, Board Member Cristina Concordia classified additional ratings used for films which includes Restricted-13 (R-13) or films suitable for 13 years old and above; Restricted-16 (R-16) for contents that is appropriate for 16 years of age and older, these are films which may have any kind of language, natural and sexually-oriented nudity, violence and horror, prohibited drugs and their use as long as depiction of the following must be justified by the context, narrative or character development and must be age-appropriate; Restricted-18 (R-18), rating that does not mean that the film is “obscene”, “offensive”, or “pornographic” as these terms are defined by law.
Concordia stressed the last rating used for films which is the Not for Public Exhibition (X), These are films that are disapproved for public viewing, usually the kind of films that satisfies only the craving for gratuitous sex and/or violence, excretory functions and sexual conduct depicted in a patently lewd, offensive or demeaning manner, encourages the use of illegal drugs/ substances, clear attack against race, creed, or religion, glorifies criminals and condones crimes, and the likes.
Prior to this, the SSC Director of the Culture and the Arts Amelita Bernal shared her thoughts on the importance of regulating and classifying shows to every Filipino family.
The event was hosted by MTRCB Board Member Njel de Mesa, a multi-talented singer-songwriter, whose music got across international countries.

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