Student’s critical and analytic skills are enhanced and emphasized during their proposal presentation and evaluation.

The Senior High School (SHS) Program of Sorsogon State College (SSC) conducted its first research proposal evaluation last January 30, 2017 with the theme “Transforming 21st Century Society through Research and Innovation”.

The event was composed of seven categories: (a) Product Development and Innovation, (b) Biotechnology, (c) Food and Biotechnology, (d) Renewable Energy Sources and Recycled Products, (e) Engineering and Machine Development, (f) Community Development and Qualitative Researches, and (g) Sci-Math and Educational Researches. Twenty-one panels of evaluator from the different departments of the college were invited to assess the proposed studies.

Each research team was given five minutes to present their proposals and 30 minutes for the question and answer, comments and recommendations. The venue for each category was supervised and facilitated by a chairman, moderator and rapporteur.

Meanwhile, recognition of the Best Research Proposal and Best Presenter in the pre-oral and final defense was awarded during the closing program. The activity is a partial requirement of the subject Practical Research 1. It involved the 177 Grade-11 senior high students together with the five core faculty of the program.

Arabelle Lyra J. Ferolino